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Welcome to holistic health care.

Velise Total Health is a naturopathic physicians practice dedicated to you. We provide the highest quality health care to our patients. The practice philosophy is to treat each patient as a whole person and not as a list of symptoms or a categorical disease.


Our Commitment

  • Root cause assessment - The body's ability to heal is predicated on understanding the underlying condition or root cause that creates disease in the body. We work with each patient to find the root cause of health problems in order to develop a treatment plan that will help each person we see get on the path to a healthier, happier life. 
  • Patient education - Health care is not managed in the doctor's office alone. We encourage patients to learn about the natural processes of the human body and how lifestyle choices can enhance or disrupt the body's performance.
  • Patient satisfaction - Many of the patients we see have exhausted options with other providers who don't seem to "get" the patient experience. We work to ensure that  that each patient we see feels listened to and cared for. Your health and satisfaction are our top priority.

Modalities of Care

We combine modern medical expertise with the wisdom of Chinese medicine, homeopathy, herbal remedies, nutritional and lifestyle modifications. 

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