Customer Testimonials

- "Very Friendly Staff.  Promptly took me in as a new patient and personalized the experience to my needs.  Extremely pleased!"  - Eddie 04/2016 

- "I have been so happy with Dr. Frandsen's approach to treating my allergies and eczema. I had been struggling for over three years and am now rash free after only 4 months with Dr. Frandsen. - Brian 04/2016

- "Really friendly staff and nice place” - RAJNI P.  03/2016

- "We had exhausted all conventional medicine to help my son. Velise Total Health has been a godsend to my son. Suffering from numerous food, chemical, and environmental allergies, Dr. Frandsen's treatments have virtually healed him" - Carol C.  07/2015

- "I lost 2 pants sizes in 2 weeks with the i-lipo machine! I was able to fit into my tux that I deliberately bought too small as motivation" - S. J. 04/2015

- "Dr. Frandsen is very nice and has since become my doctor :) i-Lipo worked for me, you have to work out after but I am down 12 cm and I've had 5 sessions. It really works!”-LINDSEY  06/2014

- "I have had an excellent experience with Velise Total Health.”- DANA L.  04/2014